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Chief Kent Williams

Kyle Guyla—Legal matters for FTO

La Crosse/Sauk CO (father/son) presentation


Officer Adam Meyers-Hallie PD Walmart Incident

Marathon Co.-Failure to Train Litigation  

Chris Prochut (Talk​

Denise Amber Lee Incident  

Frank Sullivan-DOJ  

Chaplain Dick Kendall - Critical Incidents and Tragedy through the Chaplain’s Eyes

2020  -  Conference canceled due to Covid-19





Thom Dworak - Adaptive FTO

Marathon County - Critical Incident Debrief

Greg Youg - Peer Support

Ryan Heiden - Liabilities in Training

Glenn Rehberg - Deputy Director of DOJ Office of School Safety


Dave Perlman-Assistant Attorney General (DOJ)​

Greg Westness & Troy Egger  (PTO-Rock County)

Holly Hakes  (Wellness Awareness & Self Care Strategies)

Steve Bench  (Generational Consulting)


Chris Prochut (Talk​

Chief Steven Anderson & Capt. Bolender (Oak Creek Sikh Incident)

Lt. Richard Robinson  (Sandy Creek, Newtown CT)

Ray Beltz  (Mentoring in Law Enforcement)

Dave Perlman-Assistant Attorney General (DOJ)


WPPA – Jim Palmer (Termination/Discipline)

WPPA - David Forsythe - DCI (Critical Incident)

Pete Ehlert – Social Media Awareness

Mark Radcliff: Case Study: Murder of Correctional Officer Jeffrey Wroten

Dave Perlman – Assistant Attorney General (DOJ)

Rob Bell (Motivational Speaker)



Director of Training and Standards - Tony Barthuly

Boston Bombing: Lessons Learned – Daniel Linskey

Generational Differences: Dave Mather

Hostage Negotiations: Chief Al Elvins: Tomahawk Police Department

Waukesha County Communications-Jamie Bogie/Sarah Cook: TRAIN STRONG

Waukesha County Communications- Christine Bannister: Professional Communications

Dave Perlman – Assistant Attorney General (DOJ)

Rory Thielen – Leadership



David Pichette - Incident Command Scenario

William Meeks and David Mather - Leadership In Police Organizations

Attorney Kyle Gulya - von Briesen & Roper, s.c.

Tony Barthuly - Training and Standards



Dave Smith aka "Buck Savage" and Betsy Smith-"Winning Mind"

Paul Smith, MSW-Well Training

Chief Joseph Collins (Two Waters PD)-Law Enforcement Death Response Team

Sgt. Kristy De Blaey (Sheboygan County SD)-Law Enforcement Death Response Team

Tony Barthuly-Training and Standards



Kent Williams

Sokolove & Locke

Kyle Gulya



Neil Trautman  

Thomas Hausner

Marty Drapkin-Training and Standards



Dave Smith AKA Buck Savage

Gary Klugiewicz

Ken Hammond-Training and Standards

David Wambach-WI Asst. Atty General



Ancil Sparks

Randy Revling

Dave Locke

Paul Logan

George Chavez and Lester Moore

Hammond - Training and Standards



Dr. James Reese

Neil Troutman

Ancil Sparks



Dr. Gilmartin - Emotional Survival



Bobby Smith - Visions fo Courage

Dennis Walston - Basic CIT (Crash Investigation Team)

James Korum - Fail to Train/Garity Law

Thomas A. Hausner - Scenario Based Training

Dennis Hanson - Training and Standards

Sokolove & Locke - Supervising the FTO Program



Van Brocklin - Grab 'em by their hearts and their minds and bodies will follow

Paul Logan - Communications Training Update

Dan Link - Ground Fighting

Eric Anderson - Emotional Survival in a Law Enforcement Career

Tresa Martinez - Emotional Survival in a Law Enforcement Career

Dennis Hanson - Training and Standards



Dave Nickels - Taser Use Certification

Dan Link - Principles of Subject Control

Kevin Browne - Diversity Training

Tony Harrison - Customer Service the 9-1-1 Way

Dave Perlman/Dennis Hanson - Training and Standards



Col. Dave Grossman

Tom Hausner - Training Techniques/Scenarios

Paul Nell/Laura Liddicoat - Drug Recognition Training

Steve Kaminsky - Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint

Dave Perlman/Dennis Hanson - Training and Standards

Dave Locke - Coaching Techniques

J.D. Buck Savage



Glen Miller

Todd Nehls -- Response to Terrorism

Patrick Brant – Green Bay Correctional – Gangs

Jacqui Albert- Critical Incident Debriefing

Heidi Parrow – Remedial Training

Rodney Stearns – Eau Claire County – Hostage Negotiations

Dave Pearlman – Legal Updates

Marlene Palkovich – Adult Learning

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