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Letters of nomination for the Field Training Officer of the Year Award must be received in the WFTOA Office or e-mail to any of the Region Directors on the WFTOA website (  No later than 5:00 pm on August 1st.

The WFTOA State Director will appoint a selection committee consisting of (5) five members in good standing of WFTOA for FTO of the Year Award. Eligibility for nomination includes the following:


Be a current full-time employee of a Law Enforcement Agency, Communications Center, or Correctional Institution and, or, be actively engaged in the function as a Field Training Officer or in the capacity of field training.   Seated WFTOA board members are not eligible for this award.


Have demonstrated a commitment to the profession through exceptional performance in one or more of the following areas:


Service – service is defined as excellent or exceptional service to their agency over a sustained period of time with attention to a devotion to duty and an awareness of the importance of public service.


Leadership – leadership is defined as persons having provided servant leadership in a particular task, set of tasks, or for a particular activity that represents an understanding and respect for accomplishment against challenges and performed with resolve, perseverance, and/or an appreciation for inclusion.


Ambition – ambition is defined as an innovative or entrepreneurial mindset in terms of task accomplishment, of critical analysis that defies the conventional wisdom, and/or action that leads to a product or creation that is beneficial to the larger community.


Spirit – is defined as that sense of being that embodies an enthusiasm for the purpose, mission and belief in the institution and that acts on that enthusiasm for the benefit of field training.  Examples include various acts including those of safety and heroism, exemplary and/or distinctive behaviors of human relations, acts of kindness, etc.


Bravery/Heroism – is defined as an act above and beyond the normal actions of an individual when such an act exposes them self to unusual risk and resulted in the saving of the life of another human being.


Has not been a previous recipient of this award for one of the first four categories.


Administrators, staff, and officers may nominate an individual or a team of individuals for recognition in any one of the five categories above.


Nomination letters, not to exceed two pages in length, should address the basis for the rationale of the nomination in the particular categories (listed above) stated in the guidelines above.


Letters of nomination must be received at the WFTOA Office up to and including August 1st prior to the State Conference. 


The FTO of the Year Selection Committee will review the letters of nomination and make their selection to the State Board by the meeting date in August.


Announcement of the recipient of the FTO of the Year Award will be made at the Annual State Conference.


Award recipient and guest will receive their hotel lodging and conference fee paid by WFTOA to the annual conference. The award winner will be notified by the Executive Director.


The recipient will receive the FTO of the Year Award at the State Conference Banquet dinner. If the recipient is unable to attend, the award will be shipped.


Nominees not selected will receive honorable mention at the State Conference and a letter of recognition.

Submit Forms to:
Brenda Reinen
115 Doty St
Madison WI 53703
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